Are you tired of attempting to loose weight and if you succeed in loosing, then keeping it off ? Then,  look no further. I will show you to how to loose weight rapidly and safely through time tested Yoga Asanas, invented by the great Indian Sages of the past.

You might be thinking — Ha, there’s yet another blog on “How to loose weight?”. I can understand that and know how you feel. So, how is this different?

I have learned from my past mistakes and am re-iterating a method that was used successfully to keep oneself healthy and fit in the past by Indian Sages. They had uncovered a sequence of asanas that provide a “Total Body Workout” and in essence a “package deal” for health/well-being.  Yogis have termed this sequence of asanas as “Sarvanga Sundara Asana” (… total body workout). This Sarvanga Sundara Asana is “Surya Namaskar” ( Sun Salutations ).

Doing multiple rounds of Surya Namaskars is the key to loosing weight and keeping fit for the rest of your life. So, how many rounds of Surya Namaskars should I do and what’s a Surya Namaskar ? Read rest of the blog to find out the workout program, what to eat and more importantly how to eat. I will also be publishing my weekly progress stats, so that you can follow along…


One thought on “Introduction

  1. Hi …I get giddiness…while doing surya namaskara….when i usually get up from pada hasta asana. Is tehre way remedy for it. So this avoids me doing more number of times.

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