Benefits of practicing Surya Namaskars

Regular practice of Surya Namaskars, no doubt will help you trim excess fat from unwanted places and also will elevate your mood. It’s a great relaxation workout. Some of the benefits, I have experienced :

  • Hunger Control – Exercises in particular are effective at controlling hunger. Surya Namaskar in particular is very effective, as the sequence of stretching and bending sequences massages internal digestive organs.
  • Trims waist – One of the best exercises to loose the flab around your waist and hips. This would definitely be a very appealing exercise for women.
  • Younger looking Skin – Continuous sweating during second and third sets of your workout will make your skin look younger. Exercises in general act as detoxifying agents and this in particular works very effectively on detoxification due to heavy and rhythmic breathing (pranayama) involved.
  • Total Body Workout – No other yoga exercise can claim this distinction, as Surya Namaskar is a unique sequence of 10 asanas coupled with Pranayama that stretches and bends your spinal chord like no other. This also combines a few moves of body-weight based toning exercises like – Push-ups and Lunges. 75 Rounds of Surya Namaskars involves – 75 Push-Ups; 150 Lunges (one for right & left leg for each round).

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